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Air Quality System Installation Repair Centerville, Ohio

One of the leading causes of health concerns in the home is poor air quality. Without proper filtration, the air we breath may be full of alergins, pollens, and other pollutants that can affect your health. At CJS Heating & Air our concern is the health and safety of all our customers in and around Centerville. We offer industry leading air quality solutions that can accommodate your budget and needs. We also stand behind our work and will return to your home, at your convenience, should there be an issue in the future.

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How can poor air quality affect your home?

When there is poor air quality in your home, it can have many effects on you and your family. Some of the most common effects you should be aware of include:

  • Increased chances of respiratory illnesses
  • Spikes in allergy symptoms
  • Asthma attacks
  • Damage to air conditioner

With the installation of an air quality system, you will be able to combat many of these issues. Our technicians can also help you choose the best system to accommodate your needs and budget. Our goal is to help keep you, your family, and your home safe all year long.

Why should you install a humidifier or dehumidifier in your home?

Moisture is important for the environment in your home. Too much moisture, and the house can feel stuffy, too little moisture and the air can be extremely dry. One way to combat this is through the installation of either a humidifier or dehumidifier. A humidifier works by restoring moisture to the air. This is especially beneficial during the winter months, when a heating system can dry out your home.

Similarly, a dehumidifier can remove excess moisture from the air, which can help during the summer months when excess moisture can make you and your family uncomfortable. Also, excess moisture can can help mold growth, which can be very damaging for the home.

Our professionals can expertly install these systems in your home to ensure optimal functionality. We also offer maintenance and repair services that can keep your unit running optimally at all times.

Why should you clean your air ducts?

The air ducts are the main component used in the heating and cooling of your home. Overtime however, the ductwork may become dirty, causing problems in your home. At CJS Heating & Air, we offer complete ductowrk services. This includes:

  • Air duct cleanings
  • Air duct repairs
  • Air duct installations

With our assistance you will be able to enjoy a cleaner and more energy efficient heating and cooling system. Cleanings can also be scheduled on a regular basis for homeowners looking to keep their system as clean as possible. This is best for homeowners with pets or allergies.

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Also, with our air quality solutions, you will not only be helping your home, but also your health. Contact us today, and schedule a consultation to find out ways to help improve your air quality. We have various solutions, at various prices, which ensures that you will have a solution.

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