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Boiler Installation Repair Centerville,Ohio
Is your old boiler making strange noises? Do you feel as though you’re not getting the amount of heat you used to? Need high quality repair or installation services? Then our professionals can help! At CJS Heating & Air, our specialty, is your comfort. Whether you have an old furnace thats on the fritz, or you’re looking to upgrade your system, our staff will be able to provide you with an effective and affordable solution, guaranteed!

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What are signs that your boiler needs repairs?

When it comes to your boiler, the last thing you want to do is wait for an emergency before getting repairs. By being aware of the common signs that something is wrong with your boiler, you will be able to get professional repairs before it’s too late. Some of the common signs we see in the homes of our customers include:

  • Fluctuating Temperatures – Your boiler is responsible for keeping your home hot when you need it. What do you do when temperatures fluctuate? Is one room hot and another cold? These are clear indications that your boiler needs professional repairs as soon as possible.
  • Strange Noises – It’s not often that a heating system works without any noise at all. With that being said, strange noises such as grinding, clunking, and squealing, need to be taken care of by a professional. Strange boiler noises during operation can be attributed by mechanical failures, which require repairs.
  • Foul Smells – Is the air produced by your boiler foul smelling? Not only can this affect your homes comfort, but also it can be dangerous for your health. There could be scale in your boiler, or a gas related leak, both requiring emergency services to avoid a more serious issue.
  • High Energy Consumption – Do you find that your energy costs skyrocket during the winter months? Is your boiler old? An old and inefficient boiler can cost you significantly on heating costs. Without repair or maintenance, you will be losing money on a monthly basis.

Our staff offers fast and effective Centerville boiler repair services. Whether the issue is mechanical or electrical, we will have a solution for you in no time. We stand behind our repair services, and will be there when you need us most, especially in the event of an emergency.

Why do these problems happen?

Boilers are a great way of keeping your home warm, but they are also very susceptible to damage. Boilers require repairs because of some of the following symptoms:

  • Age
  • Rust buildup
  • Scale
  • Water leaks
  • Faulty heating element

If these issues start to crop up in your home, give our professionals a call. We are available for emergency boiler services, and can provide you with a solution before it affects the comfort in your home. You can also avoid these issues altogether by relying on our professionals for all your Centerville boiler maintenance needs.

Choosing CJS Heating & Air

At CJS Heating & Air, our services are all about you. When your boiler is in need of care, we will be there to help you in no time. With our factory training and high quality solutions, we will have your boiler back up and running in no time. Additionally, we offer high quality installation solutions that will ensure that your boiler is working at the highest level possible.

We can also work with your budget and needs to find you a solution that will guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Additionally, you will have peace of mind knowing that we will always be here if you need us. With our emergency services and warranty agreements, you will rest easy knowing your boiler is in trusted hands.

Is your old boiler causing discomfort in your home? Call (937) 432-2406 and get the highest quality boiler repair and installation solutions in the Centerville area. Your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee!