CJS Heating and Air Ask A Pro Answers

Why does my thermostat say my home is cool, but it’s still not comfortable?

Dayton PlumberHumidity issues can be a real bummer. Sometimes a repair can fix the issue but high humidity usually means that there is something wrong with the buildings envelope, for example insulation, or that the air conditioner is oversized and does not run long enough to remove the heat from your home. Blowing cold air without removing the heat causes high humidity and sometimes moisture issues.

Can I use a window A/C unit to cool off a room that never seems to get cool in my house?

Dayton PlumberYou can use a window a/c to cool off a room in your house, but beware of the obstacles and dangers. Do you have the proper power available for the window air-conditioner? Do you have the proper support needed for a window air-conditioner? Will the drain on the back of the window air-conditioner ruin your homes exterior decor? Will the noise from the unit bother you? Will a thief push in the window air-conditioner and use it as a point of entry into your home? As you can see, these are just some of the things to consider before installing a window air conditioner.

What are ductless A/C systems and do they replace central air?

Dayton PlumberA ductless a/c system uses a small attractive unit that usually hangs high on the wall. This unit has the ability to remove hot air from the room while adding cool air back into the room. It has an outdoor unit “identical to an air conditioner” that circulates the refrigerant. They offer a room by room solution and can replace a home or building normal air conditioning system. They are super high in efficiency and are whisper quiet.

What kinds of filters do you recommend for my system and how often should they be changed?

Dayton PlumberFilters come in many different variations. Most CJS clients prefer an air purification system over a filter. Air purifiers remove things such as dirt, dust, and pollen. These items can effect the quality of their we breath as well as the performance and life of the equipment. The amount of times a filter needs to be changed can vary from filter to filter. The average would be: if you have a 1 inch filter, change it every three months. If you have a 4 inch thick filter, change it every 6 months.

What’s the difference between a heat pump and a traditional A/C-Furnace combination?

Dayton PlumberThe difference between a heat pump and an a/c gas furnace combination is that a high efficiency heat pump has the ability to take a dollars worth of energy and convert it into unto nearly 5 dollars worth of energy. It does this safely and without many of the potential safety hazards of a gas furnace. The downside is that many heat pumps cannot sustain this type of energy savings much past 32 degrees. The efficiency slowly starts to decline as the temperatures continue to dip.