Avoid an Unpleasant Summer by Preparing Your AC

Avoid an Unpleasant Summer by Preparing Your AC

Ohio gets the full run of seasons throughout the year. Now we’re seeing spring draw to a close, and that means that the longer, hotter days of summer are here again.

That can turn into more time enjoying warm weather, but it can also mean the hottest days can be a trial to put up with.

Luckily, there are modern air conditioning systems in place that help people to beat the heat.

You may be putting in your window units, or check the cooling units in each room if you have a ductless system. And if you have central AC, there are a few things you should do before you put your system to work.

Clean the Condenser Unit

If you own a modern central air system, then you’ll have a big piece of hardware installed somewhere just outside your home, called a condenser.

The role of this unit is to draw in air, expose it to coolant, and then pump that cooled air into the home where it can distribute throughout to cool the home.condensor

The condenser’s role as a suction device means it needs to have clear, uninterrupted air flow.

It’s built with a lot of open space and grating to promote that.

But this means if you have plants, trees, or other leafy vegetation on your property, those leaves can start piling up inside the condenser itself.

Clean those leaves out to keep your efficiency up.

filterRegularly Replace Your Filter

A typical HVAC home system will integrate both the furnace and the air conditioner into a single unit.

This means that both your heating and your cooling systems will rely on the same filter.

In these instances, with a filter being used throughout the year, you should be replacing it four times a year, every three months, as the seasons change.

Your filter is designed to keep the efficiency of your AC up.

Perhaps more importantly, it also protects you by trapping contaminants inside, such as the pollens that might magnify allergies or the fur from pets you have in your home.

Always make sure your filter is regularly replaced so that your AC doesn’t work harder than it needs to.

Make Full Use of Your Thermostat

Older thermostats do just one thing; turn on and keep your HVAC system active until the desired temperature is achieved.

Today’s thermostats can do that, and a whole lot more, but they’re also a bit more accurate at reading temperatures, meaning your HVAC doesn’t work any harder than it needs to.

The real advantage of a new thermostat, however, is efficiency.

They can be pre-programmed to turn on and off according to your schedule.

If no one is home during the day, they can be less active, but, just as everyone is returning, the HVAC can turn on, so people can come into a cool, comfortable home.

Some of the newest thermostats can even receive commands from your phone.