You can enjoy a warmer home this winter through the radiant heating Columbus businesses provide. Radiant heat transfer is good for allergies because it does not rely on forced air. It is more efficient than baseboard heating, saving you money on your electricity bill. 

How Does Radiant Heating Work?

 The radiant heating Columbus residents need operates through convection methods. Heat naturally rises, which causes the radiant heat to circulate throughout your home. Because of how heat rises, radiant panels function differently when placed on your walls, ceilings, and floors. 

Radiant Floor Heat

 One of the most popular radiant heating Columbus residents can get is radiant floor heat. Electric radiant floors use electricity cables within the floors to conduct heat. Unless you have a thick concrete floor to insulate your home, this form of heat can be pretty expensive. 

 Hydronic radiant floors use liquid to carry heat. Usually, the pipes connect to a boiler that pumps heated water throughout the home. Depending on where you live, this method can be reasonably effective. 

 Finally, air-heated radiant floors are warmed up using air. Unfortunately, air cannot store a lot of heat. Because of this, these systems are pretty expensive to operate. 

 No matter what kind of radiant floors you use, your floor covering will impact how expensive your heating system is. Ceramic tile is generally the most effective option because it stores heat well. Carpeting can be used, but you must choose a reasonably thin carpet. Underneath the carpet, you can install a dense pad. Radiant heat can crack your wood, so you should only use laminated wood flooring. 

Radiant Panels for Ceilings and Walls

 You can also find radiant panels for your ceilings and walls through the radiant heating Columbus offers. These panels are typically made out of aluminum. Then, water tubes or electricity wires heat the panels.

 People often get radiant panels when it is too expensive to extend their standard heating system. Once you turn the panels on, they have one of the fastest response times of any heating system. Plus, these panels can be controlled from every room. Because of this, you can easily save money by turning some of your heaters off when you are not in a particular space. 

 Once you enter the room, you can easily use a switch on the wall to turn your heater on. Within just a few minutes, you will start feeling the heat. Because radiant heat warms up the area closest to the heater, you will generally feel more comfortable sitting closer to the panel. 

The Best Radiant Heating Columbus Offers

 If you want to stay warm this fall and winter, you need Columbus’s best radiant heating. This allergy-friendly system can reduce your energy bill and effectively heat your property. In addition, it provides uniform heat throughout your home. As a result, you no longer have to deal with hot and cold spots in each room.