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Emergencies don’t happen on your schedule.

That’s why CJS doesn’t charge extra for emergency air conditioning service throughout the greater Columbus area.

What Is An Air Conditioning Emergency?

  • Extreme Weather Breakdown: Letting your home get too hot or too cold can affect your comfort and your family’s safety.
  • Electrical issues, gas problems, and refrigerant leaks can pose a serious hazard and should never be handled alone.
  • An AC issue causing flooding or standing water in or around your home needs immediate attention to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Put down the tools. Pick up the phone. Call CJS for your AC Emergency Service

Don’t even think about repairing your air conditioning system. DIY repairs often cause more damage and can void any remaining warranty. Since CJS doesn’t charge extra for emergency service, don’t risk causing more costly repairs.

Failure of the air conditioning unit can have dire consequences under emergency conditions. There are many reasons for the loss of the air conditioning system. This is why our company came into existence. We provide the most exceptional air conditioning emergency services in Columbus.

Expertise is required to help homeowners and business owners get the a/c unit fixed. Getting the ac unit up and running is especially important during the hot summer months. 

Our professionals are adept at quickly analyzing the nature of the problem. Determining what is causing the issue is essential for fixing the unit immediately.

Understanding Air Conditioning Emergency Situations

Air Conditioning emergencies can have a significant impact on your peace of mind. Your peace of mind is why our company makes an extra effort to educate our customers on why an a/c unit might require emergency repairs. 

For example, extreme hot and cold weather patterns can exacerbate underlying problems. Measures of underlying issues include electrical or gas problems, for example. Refrigerant leaking is also common. Repair any a/c unit that is displaying these problems immediately.

Quality Standards for A/C Repairs

Our quality standards are exceptional, and we offer upfront prices for each customer. Benefit from our detailed recommendations, which are based on the specifics of your situation. 

We never charge for weekend services, and we are fully capable of meeting the needs of customers who face emergencies. Our technicians are knowledgeable, and we can provide reliable services for any trouble.

Here are some of the main reasons an a/c unit might need emergency repairs:

Legacy Systems: Older air conditioning systems are prone to breaking down under duress. For example, this might happen during a power failure or an extreme heat wave.

Maintenance Issues: A regular maintenance schedule is necessary to keep the air conditioning unit working properly. Maintenance includes actions like changing the air filters and conducting regular tune-ups. A good maintenance services schedule will keep the unit functioning much longer than an improperly serviced unit.

HVAC Technical Issues: Technicians who are improperly certified and licensed shouldn’t be working on the air conditioner. If the unit was serviced improperly, technical problems could emerge. Improper service on the system causes the unit to fail when you need it to work.

Air Conditioning Emergency Service in Columbus

The air conditioning unit is a critical part of every infrastructure. An air conditioning emergency can disrupt daily life, so getting the unit repaired is essential. Our service professionals understand mechanical systems. Every member of our team is qualified and experienced in working on systems of refrigeration and filtration. We know how to deal with ducts, coils, thermostats, and more.

Our team of experienced service providers can get your air conditioning system functioning again when you need it the most. In addition to exceptional customer service, we respond promptly because we understand what is required under emergency conditions in this region. Contact us today for a quote for your air conditioning emergency service in Columbus.

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Save time and money by using our CJS Troubleshooter to diagnose common system issues.

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  • in or around your home needs immediate attention to prevent water damage and mold growth. Older air conditioning systems are prone to breaking down under duress. For example, this might happen during a power failure or an extreme heat wave.