Emergency Heating Repair Service Columbus

Emergency Heating Repair Service Columbus


When the outdoor temperature plummets, you rely on your home heating system to keep you and your family safe and comfortable indoors around the clock. Unfortunately, the combined effects of time and regular usage can take a toll on your heating system. Whether your heater has completely stopped working or is showing other concerning signs, the best time to schedule an emergency heating repair service is today. CJS Heating and Air offers around-the-clock service, so our customers are never left in the cold. You can count on CJS for all your heating repairs, installation, and tune-ups during any emergency!

Experiencing A Heating or Air Conditioning Emergency?
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What Is A System Emergency?

  • Extreme Weather Breakdown: Letting your home get too hot or too cold can affect your comfort and your family’s safety.
  • Electrical issues or gas problems can pose a serious hazard and should never be handled alone.
  • An AC issue causing flooding or standing water in or around your home needs immediate attention to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Put down the tools. Pick up the phone. Call CJS.

Don’t even think about repairing your heating or air conditioning system. DIY repairs often cause more damage and can void any remaining warranty. Don’t risk causing more costly repairs.

You Call. We come. It’s fixed. Guaranteed.

We’ll send a clean, screened, trained, and trusted CJS technician to get your heating or air conditioning back up and running quickly. Call CJS right now: (614) 388-9241

Save time and money by using our CJS Troubleshooter to diagnose common system issues.

Troubleshoot Your AC