Emergency Service Columbus


Experiencing A Heating or Air Conditioning Emergency?

Call CJS now: (614) 388-9241  NO Additional Charges!


Emergencies don’t happen on your schedule. That’s why CJS Heating and Air doesn’t charge extra for 24/7 emergency heating repair or emergency AC repair throughout the Columbus area.

What Is A System Emergency?

  • Extreme Weather Breakdown: Letting your home get too hot or too cold can affect your comfort and your family’s safety.
  • Electrical issues or gas problems can pose a serious hazard and should never be handled on your own.
  • An AC issue causing flooding or standing water in or around your home needs immediate attention to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Put down the tools. Pick up the phone. Call CJS.

AC or furnace not working? Don’t even think about repairing your own heating or air conditioning system. Inexperienced repairs often cause more damage and can void any remaining warranty.  CJS Heating and Air doesn’t charge extra for emergency heating or air conditioning repair services, don’t risk causing more costly repairs. When you need help heating and cooling your house, give us a call instead of trying to fix your HVAC system yourself. We’ll solve all of your heating or AC problems in a flash.



You Call. We come. It’s fixed. Guaranteed.

We’ll send a clean, screened, trained, and timely CJS Heating and Air technician to get your heating and cooling back up and running quickly.

Call CJS Heating and Air right now—we’re here 24 hours, every day: (614) 388-9241

Save time and money by using our CJS Troubleshooter to diagnose common system issues.

Make an appointment now: 614-388-9241


What kind of problem will require emergency services? How fast can we send someone to you?

This depends on the situation. Often, what seems an emergency at 2:00 am can easily be resolved with a first-in-the-morning tech call. But, if we do need to get someone to your house, we’ll typically be there within two hours when necessary.

Additional charges?

No. Never. Our charge is fixed. Guaranteed.

Why CJS HVAC Emergency Service?

When you’re looking for “24-hour furnace repair near me”, you may not find many companies that offer what we offer. For our AC and furnace repair services, we can offer both same-day service and 24-hour hvac emergency services as well. When you call CJS Heating and Air, you won’t have to wait around for service anymore.columbus emergency service

Also, we are very straightforward and honest with our prices. You’ll always know what you’re paying for upfront – there are no surprises, hidden fees, or gimmicks. All of our staff members are also screened, thoroughly trained, and timely, all for your benefit and convenience.

Another CJS Heating and Air advantage: we’re not finished until you are completely satisfied with what we have done for you. We have an entire list of guarantees you’ll enjoy when you choose our company!