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Experiencing A Heating or Air Conditioning Emergency?

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Air Conditioning & Heating Emergencies don’t happen on your schedule or at a convenient time. No matter where you are in the greater Dayton area, Emergency AC repair services are available to assist you whenever you face an emergency. We understand that these events can be highly unnerving and never happen at a convenient moment. Our service providers can respond promptly to fix your air conditioning or heating unit. We maintain a service schedule that can be dispatched to all customers within our service area.

emergency ac repair service in Dayton, OHHow do you know it’s an Air Conditioning Emergency?

  • Extreme Weather Breakdown: Letting your home get too hot or too cold can affect your comfort and your family’s safety.
  • Electrical issues, gas problems, and refrigerant leaks can pose a severe hazard; you should never handle it alone.
  • An AC issue causing flooding or standing water in or around your home needs immediate attention to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Put down the tools and Pick up the phone. Call CJS.

AC Problems? Simple repairs often cause more damage and can void any remaining warranty. That’s why we say not to consider repairing your air conditioning system. Don’t risk causing more costly repairs. Need help heating and cooling your house? Call us instead of trying to fix your HVAC system. We’ll solve your emergency AC repair problems and heating in a jiffy.


Prompt HVAC Servicing

Reliability and affordability enable our customers to enjoy unprecedented peace of mind. We focus on solving the most pressing problems of our customers on the very first visit. Our HVAC professionals are certified, licensed, and experienced in resolving all aspects of the system. 

 Reduce the prospects of being uncomfortable and inconvenienced by keeping our number in an easy retrieve place during an emergency. For example, many customers will support our business card on their refrigerator with a magnet; this makes it easy to find should the power fail. 

 Service providers are rapidly deployed when an HVAC emergency call is made. These professionals analyze the problem and create a specific solution that addresses the actual issue. Our services are available around the clock, so you can always be assured that help is accessible. 

Defining an HVAC Emergency

Our emergency service professionals educate customers about the importance of a well-maintained HVAC system. Our training includes offering a helpful definition of an HVAC emergency so that you can recognize this situation. The repair diagnosis is customized to address the specific issue; sometimes, we recommend replacements.  

Here is a short list of the common signs of an HVAC emergency:

  • Malfunctioning appliances: Refrigerator leaks, gas pipes, and electrical problems should only be handled by a trained, licensed, and experienced professional.
  • Air conditioner-caused flooding: Pools of standing water or flooding caused by a malfunctioning air conditioner are severe signs. Avoid common secondary problems associated with mold by calling one of our experienced professionals to handle the situation.
  • Heating and air conditioning unit failure: Don’t allow your home to become excessively cold or hot due to a loss of your HVAC system. Temperature fluctuations affect the safety of family members in addition to being uncomfortable.

Ready for Any Emergency AC Repair

Servicing our customers requires stocking inventory on our service trucks. CJS Heating & Air maintain a regular service truck maintenance schedule stocked with unique materials and parts necessary to respond promptly to all service calls. Ensure that factory warranties are honored regardless of the time of service rendered.

We maintain a work ethic of exceptional customer service:

  • Licensed, experienced, and friendly professionals on our team.
  • We service customers on weekends, holidays, and evenings.
  • We explain our service procedures and price schedules.

You Call. We come. It’s fixed. Guaranteed.

We’ll send a clean, screened, trained, and trusted CJS technician to get your air conditioner back up and running quickly. Call CJS right now: (937) 488-4758

Save time and money by using our CJS Troubleshooter to diagnose common system issues.

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