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As a homeowner is is important for you to keep your Bellbrook heating system working at the highest level possible. More often than not however, most homeowners ignore their system until there is an emergency. This can raise costs, increase discomfort, and leave you in the midst of a heating emergency. At CJS Heating & Air, we’re here to help. We offer customers throughout the Bellbrook area our high quality heating solutions. From system repairs to system replacements, and even maintenance, we go above and beyond to provide you with a solution that works perfectly for your home.

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How can you tell if your furnace needs repairs?

Nothing is worse than trying to use your furnace during the winter months and realizing that it no longer works. By paying attention to the common warning signs, you will easily be able to avoid this issue altogether. Common warning signs of a furnace in need of repairs include:

  • High energy costs
  • No hot air
  • Strange noises and smells
  • System turns on and off

When you notice these issues in your home, call us immediately. We offer fast and reliable furnace repairs, which can be used to restore your furnace to full functioning conditions before it’s too late. We can also provide you with regular maintenance services that can help you prevent these issues altogether.

Should you consider replacing your heater?

While we pride ourselves in our heater repairs, at some point we know that a system replacement will be a better benefit for you and your home. Common signs include:

  • Age Of System – Is your heater over 10 years old? Is it starting to fail? The average lifespan of a heater is roughly 10 years. After this, you may begin to notice it faltering. While repairs may get it back in working order, it is only a bandaid or a much larger issue.
  • Constant Repairs – If you’re on first name basis with our repair technicians, chances are it’s time for a system replacement. While repairs are cheaper than a system replacement, at some point the need for regular repairs will be close to the same thing.
  • Fluctuating Temperatures – Does your heater struggle to reach your desired temperature? Does it function for hours without actually reaching that temperature? Fluctuating temperatures and inefficient operation can all cost you in electric bills. Avoid this issue with a new system.

At CJS Heating & Air, we offer the very best heater replacement services. From finding the right heater, to installing it according to factory standards, we will provide you with a convenient and stress-free experience. Also, we stand behind our services, and will return to your home should there be an issue in the future.

How can a humidifier benefit your home?

One big disadvantage of constantly running a heating system is the loss of moisture. While too much moisture can be bad, no moisture can leave your home dry and uncomfortable. WIth the installation of a whole-home humidifier, you will be able to enjoy the heat without sacrificing your comfort.

Our professionals have the skills and expertise needed to provide you with a fast humidifier solution. We also offer humidifier repairs, which can be used to keep your old humidifier in the best working condition. With our help you will have a comfortable home all year round!

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At CJS Heating & Air, our goal is to provide all our customers in the Bellbrook area with the best heating solutions. From repairs to maintenance, and even system installations, our technicians work tirelessly to get the job done. We are available whenever you need us, day or night, and promise to go above and beyond to help you.

Our Bellbrook Heating Services Include

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